Values and Beliefs


We are – professionals in all that we do, adhere to existing laws and regulations, technical norms and standards. At the heart of our business – people, efficiency, advanced technology.
We create an environment for implementation of the talents and abilities of our employees, maintain the level of professionalism through continuous training and development, share knowledge and experience with colleagues.

We believe that every employee affects the achievement of the Company, appreciate the involvement of staff in the common cause, and his interest in the success of the entire company.
We appreciate the personality of each member of the team, be respectful to each other and create partnerships.
We – the parts of a whole and are in favor of an agreed understanding of the goals, as well as effective coordination of activities.

We are open and honest with our customers, we build strong partnerships with them.
We are attentive to our customers, are able to identify and meet their real needs.
We strive every day to improve their processes to meet the interests and expectations of our customers.
RESPONSIBILITY-personal, corporate, social

Each member of our team has an obligation to yourself, the Company, society and responsible for their actions and their consequences
We fulfill what we promise in full, on time – confirms the words matter
We are implicated in what is happening in the company and treat it as their own property
We strive to produce products with minimal impact on the environment

We are constantly developing, searching for new ideas and implement the best ones into practice. We believe that the errors are the most valuable experiences and opportunities for our further development.
We are proactive, open to change and contribute to their implementation. We are confident that Champions (enthusiastic volunteers) is a high probability of success.
We are guided by common sense and choose the best solutions for achieving the goals.

We appreciate the organization of the system of management in each of the business areas and the Group as a whole. We use the advantages of the “leadership of the molecule”, forming versatile-developed management team.
We set ourselves ambitious goals and reach them, support and inspire others to achieve them, we strive to be an example for others.