Requirements for the use of stabilizing additive “chrysoprase” are standard.
Fiber connected binder, thus is in a bound state. No special requirements on the use of LEDs “Hrizopro” does not exist. Working with the addition of “Hrizopro” provides a standard SanPiN, hygienic standards for dust.
All asphalt plants are outdoors. Additive directly enters the big bags from storage silo and further on to dry pnevmotransportёru mixing chamber. As we can see the direct contact with the person expelled, but due to lack of space follows- any special conditions there.
The half-life when ingested
Chrysotile fiber – 14 days
Cellulose fiber – 1000 days (thousand days)
Scientists from the Canadian Institute for studying the properties of chrysotile fibers found no elevation changes and regulations in the air on the slopes where applicable SD “Hrizopro” and where it is not used (translation of the article published in the <MEDIA>)
Also, there are a number of scientific evidence, where scientists study the air and water in places of mass stay of people around the world claim that 1 liter is more than 1.5 million micro-fibers of chrysotile fiber. Chrysotile fibers is 50% of magnesium oxide and 45% of silicon dioxide. Serpentinite most common weathered rock on the ground.
If you ask to try and clear the water or air from chrysotile, thereby eliminating the natural flow of the magnesium in the body, in the course of 20 weeks or before a person will develop leukemia.
Magnesium is essential for the life of the human body, in fourth place after the sodium, potassium and calcium, its total content reaches 25g, with nearly all of the magnesium is an intracellular cation. (Translation of the article published in the <MEDIA>)