Ethical Principles


Do not disclose confidential information, except as permitted by an authorized person.
To inform all parties concerned about the proper use of confidential information, to monitor the activities of subordinates to ensure confidentiality.
Do not use confidential information for unethical or illegal advantage.

Transmit information fairly and objectively.
Disclose all relevant information that can obviously affect the understanding of the reports provided by the user, BI or recommendations.

To reduce the level of real conflicts of interest, regularly communicate with business partners to eliminate misunderstandings and conflicts of interest. Carefully refer to potentially conflicting factors and help all the Council to address them.
Refrain from any conduct that may interfere with the ethical performance of duties.
Refrain from participation in or support any action that may discredit the Company.

Provide a safe environment professional environment for employees and visitors of the Company.
Follow the principle of “safety in everything.”