Our advantages

Half-life in ORGANISM

Cellulose fiber (CV) – 1000 (one thousand) days
Chrysotile fiber (IV) – 14 days

CV – at the heart of plant fiber (cardboard / paper)
HV – at the heart of the fiber of a unique stone, consisting of 50% of magnesium oxide !!!

The smallest among the competitors – up to 2 kg / ton SCHMAS

Application CD “Hrizopro” reduces the consumption of bitumen, as stone wool does not absorb oil.
In turn, CV absorbs and filters, pulling out of the bitumen particles of light, thereby deteriorating its characteristics.

The temperature of the dry mix asphalt mixtures according to GOST is 180 degrees.
When tamperproof CV will burn before the time of mixing with bitumen and long before the moment of compacting.
Under laboratory conditions, to withstand possible technology that requires highly skilled personnel, but later on ABZ, this process is complicated and trudnoispolnimym.
In turn, the intrinsic viscosity is easily operated at temperatures well above 500 degrees.

The process of dry mixing puts the main task – to distribute and fluff fiber of the mixture.
CV in the process of mixing with rubble is crushed, pulverized, used up, turning to dust instead of fluffing process. In fact, this process is observed in the washing machine where mixed stones (gravel) and paper (CV), as CV is a paper / cardboard fiber basically.
In turn, the intrinsic viscosity, as the stone in fact, at times superior to CV strength and resistance to abrasion, as well as due to the natural properties prone to fluffing.

Sun, water and icing Reagents
Suppose part of CV still hit the road. He will have to withstand the effects of UV radiation, moisture and icing reagents that you understand completely break down cellulose.
Suffice it to recall a piece of paper left in the country under the sun, in a week from the initial properties will be over.
Indicates the absolute intrinsic viscosity resistance to the effect of the negative impact not only sunlight and water, but also anti-icing reagents and other factors of the roadway operation.

The destruction of the CV on technological and operational phases of the effect of making it impossible to disperse reinforcement.
HV, in turn, in addition to the basic function of stabilizing the bitumen provides Dispersed reinforcement across the SMA structure. As a consequence of prolonging the turnaround time, reducing koleyaobrazovanie eliminates the plastic deformation in consequence of which leads to a decrease in the flow of bitumen.

XB with its unique tendency to fluffing can reduce the dry mixing process. Thereby increasing the productivity of ABZ from 20 to 30%.
In today’s reality of planning, this is a key advantage.

to the use of additives Hrizopro requirements are standard requirements for dusty rooms. Since the binder fiber is connected and is in a bound state.
Keep in mind the fact that all ABZ are outdoors, the addition of the big bags directly falls into the silo and then fed by pneumatic transport, completely eliminating contact with the employee. No special requirements on the use of LEDs “Hrizopro” does not exist.
Moreover half life:
Chrysotile fiber decomposes in the body for 14 days, as it is not acid-resistant
Cellulose fiber can be expanded for 1000 (one thousand) days

HV – carcinogen CV in its pure form is not. But as an additive with CV impregnated binder petroleum-based, and any petroleum product is a carcinogen, it follows that any supplement on the basis of CV is carcinogenic

Additive HRIZOPRO:
– Made in Russia
– In equipment produced in Russia
– By Russian scientists invented technology
– Using 100% of the components made in Russia
– The price of the lowest among the additives (note Design Institute)
State customer is able to reduce the cost of one kilometer of road, thus increasing their length. Potential savings for 1 trillion Russian rubles per year.

The cost of 34 thousand. Rubles with delivery across the central part of Russia
To the north of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk east should be added logistics costs

2 days
The developed system allows warehouses to maintain this requirement.
Today ABZ and highly technological enterprise.
We understand that.

Some vendors, and other additives, are trying to join the unique properties and SD “Hrizopro” technology. They lie. Do not be fooled.
Hrizopro only supplement that is unique, no one is working, none of the technologies are not transferred and is not planning, the name did not change. Avoid Scams and Fraud.